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One thing that I cannot stand is when someone calls someone else stupid because of something they did.  Actually, it’s not that I cannot tolerate it, it’s that I find it completely frustrating because the person saying the other person is stupid is usually the one that I think is in fact being stupid.

It’s frustrating because I always have to hold my tongue because I just want to scream, “You’re the one being stupid because you have NO idea how or why that other person made the ‘stupid’ decision.”  You are sitting there watching the news with someone or they are reading the news and you hear, “God, how stupid can a person be?”  My first instinct is to say, “You don’t know anything about this person in the news, and you certainly do not have all the facts concerning the situation.  In fact, I’ve know you for many years and have heard you call 100’s of people stupid but in fact I think you’re the stupid one.”  Why are they the stupid one, because they are calling someone else stupid based on very limited information.

Just like intelligence, stupidity comes in many different forms.  However, if you find yourself constantly calling people you don’t know stupid, maybe you should think about who the stupid person really is.